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Confirmed: 96.7% Message Delivery Ratio
Published By: Godwin Noah
August 24, 2012 8:59am

How many bulk sms platforms can look you straight in the eye and give you guarantee of 96.7 % delivery for sms you broadcast to Nigerian networks using  their platform? We’ve got that confidence.

Since the past 1 year,  when the MTN filter saga began, we have been thoroughly searching for the most effective routes that can delivery your sms messages and guarantee high delivery ratio. We’ve experimented several routes and had different results.

We’ve finally reached that point and we’re not going back.  Since August 14th BBN SMS team has constantly tested delivery ratios for all your messages and on the average we got 96.7% delivery. This means a rare case of failure delivery for messages you pass through our gateway.

Look out for the following updates

  1. Filter on spam words such as ‘congratulations’, ‘winner’, ‘million’, etc has been removed and we have put in place a more reliable spam filter system that ensures “the good guy doesn’t get punished for the bad guy’s sin”.

  2. We have also returned the routing cost for sms to MTN network to 1 unit per page as against the former 1.5 unit per page. And a video was released to this effect.

    Clearing the Air on the Bulk SMS Routing Cost Confusion

    You can watch the video on Youtube using the following link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sOrJsqU4-A(click of copy and paste the link in web browser address bar.)

    Please note that due to compatibility issue with Adobe Flash Player 11.x videos may not play on some versions of Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Contact us today http://www.bbnplace.com?entry=contact and get your business running fast again on the platform you’ve always trusted.

by Godwin Noah
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Confirmed: 96.7% Message Delivery Ratio
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